Shaffer can help increase throughput, ensure product quality and consistency and clean your mixer efficiently and with automated process controls.


Automatically mix products using an integrated ingredient system and programmed mixing process for all of your recipes.


Our innovative engineers will work with you to deliver a customized, industrial mixer that meets your exact product specifications – engineered to be the most sanitary, durable and innovative available to mix bread, bun, tortilla, masa, cookie, biscuit, cracker doughs, and more. Explore:


Automatically discharge dough into a dough feeder and move it to downstream equipment with our conveyor systems.


Our equipment is developed to automate as much of the production process as possible to increase food safety and protect the health and safety of your employees.

Explore Shaffer's customizable Processing Equipment today:


Automatically clean the mixer bowl with high-pressure water utilizing our clean-in-place system.


Shaffer Sigma Series Open Frame Hybrid Mixer

Shaffer understands that food safety is paramount at your bakery.

Our clean-in-place systems prioritize sanitation and safety, which protects your products, employees, and customers while mixing and processing products precisely and efficiently.


Ensure product quality and consistency, as well as employee health and safety, by logging and repeating your refined process.


With automation, you can dynamically control:

  • Addition of ingredients including sponge dough
  • Mix times and speeds
  • Dough temperatures
  • Dough discharge
  • Dough feeder and conveyor speeds
  • and much more!

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Your Bakery. Your Mixer.


Your Bakery. Your Mixer.

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